A new way to view your data

The OmniView Browser allows quick access to all legacy and acquired data
without the time and expense of conversion.

Traditional data conversions are time consuming and expensive because they alter customer data and require extensive data mapping work. ILS is the only provider to offer a non-conversion option for quickly and easily accessing legacy data thus removing or reducing the need for expensive and time consuming data conversions.

Industry data shows that after 12 months, 92% of legacy data
is rarely researched. Why convert data you won’t use?

What is the OmniView Process?

Implementing OmniView is as easy as 3 simple steps:

1. Install

The ILS team will securely and remotely install our OmniView Browser, integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory. Everything stays on-site and on your secure network.

2. Import

We import all of the original index information for check images, COLD reports, statements, and document images in their native formats. Your data is never converted or altered.

3. Research

Within days, you can quickly and easily research your data with the OmniView browser. Conduct enterprise-wide, browser-based research for subpoenas that you can print, email, or fax.

The OmniView Difference

A new way to look at data


Forget waiting months or years for a data conversion; with OmniView you’ll have access to your data in just a few days.
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ILS remotely migrates all data and images securely on your network. Indexes and meta-data are imported without alteration.
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Save on expenses from excessive conversion fees and quickly eliminate 3rd party vendors and their service fees.
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ILS will audit and validate all data and image indexes are complete to ensure compliance and accuracy of migration.
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ILS utilizes remote install, browser-based system, and integration with Active Directory for a seamless hands-free process.
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What people are saying

As we anticipate additional mergers and acquisitions, the solutions that ILS offers will continue to be an integral part of our growth strategy. Chemical BankGreg Lanigan, Managing Director, Application Development and Support
“We were very impressed with how quickly ILS was able to import and access all of our check images, statements and reports for our customers at a fraction of the competitor's cost” Frandsen FinancialSteve Molander, CIO
"Compared to previous systems we have used, it allows for the migration of data more cost effectively and efficiently. We see ILS as a great partner, using OmniView to increase bank-wide research productivity for acquired data." Ameris BankMoultrie, GA

Compare OmniView Browser

See how OmniView stacks up against conversion alternatives

ILS Benefits Competitor Conversion ILS Traditional Conversion OmniView
Cost High Lower Lowest
Time High Lower Lowest
Security Somewhat Secure Secure Most Secure
Remote Conversion ? No Yes Yes
Full use during conversion ? No Yes Yes
Audit Validation ? No Yes Yes
New Features Added No No Yes

Up to 10x Faster

The OmniView migration process begins within days of starting your project and runs 24/7 until complete. This makes the OmniView migration process up to 10x faster than traditional conversion processes.

Remote Installation

Avoid the time-consuming step of packaging and transporting your data. With OmniView, ILS remotely completes the entire process.

Immediate access to legacy data

Unlike traditional data conversions, your data is accessible almost immediately after our process begins.

Faster Response to Research Requests

With OmniView Browser you can respond to your research requests in hours, not days or weeks.

More Efficient Research Process

Instead of multiple tools for one job, all legacy data is available through a single browser.

Remote Installation

The OmniView Browser is remotely installed on your secured network environment for enterprise-wide access. Your data never changes hands with OmniView.

Integration with MSFT Active Directory

Active Directory integration with OmniView extends your control with seamless access to sensitive customer data.

Role Restrictions

Apply advanced user role restrictions to assign individuals access to only "need-to-know" data.

Consolidate Legacy Data

Expensive or unsupported legacy systems are a thing of the past. Centralize your data with OmniView.

Cut Traditional Conversions Costs

Traditional data, document and image conversions are very expensive. Because OmniView isn't a conversion, it saves valuable time and resources.

Eliminate Archive Hosting Fees

Tired of paying hosting fees to store your rarely-needed data? OmniView allows you to move your data to your existing server infrastructure.

Data Stays in Native Format

With the nature of OmniView's non-conversion process, no data is ever manipulated, reformatted or changed in any way. This eliminates any quality loss or conversion error.

Data is Always Available

Compliance Auditors love the OmniView Browser for its ease of access and the near-immediate availability of legacy and acquired data.

All Data Accounted For

With OmniView there is no free and missing data to cause you hours or days of reconciliation work. The data is still right where you put it.

No Data Mapping

Because OmniView imports legacy and acquired data in native formats, there's no need for data mapping. By eliminating data mapping, there's no vulnerability to mapping error.

Access To Data

Within days, you will have enterprise-wide access via any updated browser from their workstation. Traditional data conversions can't do that.

Microsoft Active Directory

The OmniView Browser seamlessly integrates with your existing MS Active Directory roles to extend the provisioned access you desire.

The experienced team at ILS has worked with all core providers and image system vendors.

  • fiserv
  • jack henry & associates inc.
  • fis
  • csi
  • and all others!

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Still need some conversion? Try our Blended Approach

Using a blended approach, we can convert the data you need while utilizing Omniview for older, legacy data.

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