Case Study Troy, Michigan

Talmer Bank and Trust

Following the rapid acquisition of eight banks over a 5-year period, Talmer Bank and Trust had 18 different legacy image systems that were spread over multiple locations, making it difficult to perform research and identify what information was located on which system.



Talmer Bank and Trust had an aggressive merger and acquisition strategy, acquiring eight banks in only five years. As a result, Talmer Bank’s data was disorganized and difficult to use. Talmer Bank and Trust had 18 different legacy systems spread over multiple bank locations, making it difficult to perform research and know what information was located in which system.

Talmer Bank and Trust also planned to acquire more banks in the future and wanted to address these issues and maintain compliance.


Talmer Bank and Trust chose ILS’ OmniView browser. This allowed the bank to manage and view all of the acquired image data in just one, centralized, browser-based location. OmniView would permit quick turn-arounds in research and subpoena requests, while also removing outdated report and image systems.

Thanks to the OmniView Browser, our employees can quickly and easily find archived images and statements because they are consolidated into one system, resulting in significant time and cost savings over traditional data conversions. Greg Lanigan, managing director of Application Development and Support at Talmer Bank and Trust


By using OmniView, Talmer employees are able to view all archived images, statements, reports and documents without reformatting the data or maintaining multiple legacy systems. Talmer Bank now has a data platform with a clean, simple interface that is easy to use, and bank employees were able to begin using it immediately. OmniView is now a part of Talmer Bank and Trust’s merger and acquisition strategy.

As we anticipate additional mergers and acquisitions, the solutions that ILS offers will continue to be an integral part of our growth strategy. Greg Lanigan

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