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Case Study Luxemburg, Wisconsin

Bank of Luxemburg

Bank of Luxemburg is a community bank headquartered near Green Bay, Wis. Bank of Luxemburg was originally launched as a rural exchange bank on October 6, 1903 in Luxemburg, Wis. It was located in the south side of the Wisconsin House.  Bank of Luxemburg currently operates nine banking offices in Kewaunee, Door and Brown County.


Bank of Luxemburg had recently changed core software vendors. The bank needed to move their data from legacy archives to the new vendor’s imaging system, but the data needed to be repaired before it could be converted. The data conversion would be very complex. Bank of Luxemburg had worked with another vendor for two years on a previous conversion.

My bank had a very complex data conversion situation. After working with another vendor for almost two years on a previous conversion, we turned to ILS, who in a matter of two months was able to repair our data. Joel Williquette, VP Information Technology, Bank of Luxemburg


ILS had come highly recommended to the Bank of Luxemburg. The Bank of Luxemburg wanted to move the data from the legacy system into the core vendor’s imaging system in order to have a single, core, integrated imaging system.

During the conversion process, Bank of Luxemburg used OmniView to access files and protect the bank in the event of project delays, data issues, or issues with the new vendor’s imaging system. By using OmniView, the Bank of Luxemburg was also able to discontinue the use of the legacy imaging system sooner, allowing them to save money.

Had we known more about OmniView at the time, we might have chosen not to import our data into the new core vendor’s imaging system and instead use ILS as our imaging archival viewer. Joel Williquette, VP Information Technology, Bank of Luxemburg


Bank of Luxemburg knew this would be a difficult process, full of data issues. ILS was able to quickly access and correct them. ILS also provided extensive support and was incredibly responsive to the bank’s requests. ILS protected the bank’s interests throughout the entire process. With the help of ILS, the data was successfully converted from the legacy imaging system into the new core vendor’s system.

I have been incredibly impressed by the work that ILS has performed on this conversion. I’ve worked with many conversion groups over the past decade, but ILS has been the best by far. I appreciate the quality of the work performed, the timeliness, the cooperation, and the communication. Core Vendor Conversion Manager

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