The ILS Blended Approach

It’s your data. You decide what you want to convert
and let Omniview manage the rest.

Blended Approach Diagram

The Blended Approach offers the flexibility you need

We get it. There are some documents and images you need to convert to your online banking or production system. But why spend extra time and money converting older check, statements, document and COLD data that’s rarely accessed? Use OmniView Browser to quickly and securely access it for research

Design the Blend that Fits Your Needs

Convert & Go

Which documents and images need to be converted for import into production systems?

Search & Print

Which statements, checks, documents and COLD files will remain in OmniView?

Consolidate & Save

What legacy systems can you sunset and which data center storage fees can you cancel?

Savings in Time & Cost

80% of ILS clients choose the Blended Approach as their archive conversion solution due to savings in time and cost.

Benefits of the Blended Approach include:

Clean Data

Don’t co-mingle your known good data or archives with legacy data.

Quick Access

Immediate access to your archived images and documents using the OmniView Image Browser.

Choose What to convert

Convert only the data you need in your production systems. Leave the older data in OmniView.

Resource Saving

Eliminate all unsupported or legacy applications and hardware.

Less Expense

Eliminate data center archive, import and storage fees.

True Migration

All data and original indexes are brought over exactly as they were captured in the legacy system.

Error Free

Get peace of mind knowing you’ve eliminated the risk of lost or damaged archive data, indexes and documents.

What people are saying

"Compared to previous systems we have used, it allows for the migration of data more cost effectively and efficiently. We see ILS as a great partner, using OmniView to increase bank-wide research productivity for acquired data." Ameris BankMoultrie, GA
ILS is the go-to vendor for image conversions but they are also the best platform for archiving legacy systems. With OmniView, ILS holds a unique place in the market by allowing banks to extend the life of images without the need to maintain legacy systems. Chemical BankJohn Vander Velde, 1st Vice President