Best Practices in 

Managing Legacy Data

Webinar Recording

Presented by: Kristopher Bishop, CEO & President, Integrated Legacy Solutions

Webinar Overview:

Whether your financial institution has gone through a core conversion or an acquisition/merger, your likely dealing with legacy data challenges. This data can end of up costing a fortune in maintenance fees, and become riskier by the day while wreaking havoc on data research and customer experience. This webinar introduces a strategic approach to legacy data acquisition that satisfies regulatory requirements while significantly reducing the time, cost, and risk of traditional conversions. 


  • Effectively and efficiently manage archive data
  • Know the true and hidden costs of data acquisition
  • Use technology to expedite data acquisition and reduce the cost & risk of the project

This webinar is ideal for:   

Information Officers, IT Managers, Operations Officers, Deposit Operations Officers, Compliance Officers, Risk Management Officers, Project Managers

Speaker Information:

Kristopher Bishop, President & CEO, Integrated Legacy Solutions

Kristopher Bishop is the CEO and founding member of Integrated Legacy Solutions (ILS), the leading provider of legacy data migration and conversion tools to the financial industry. A 20 year veteran of the financial services industry, Kristopher started ILS with a focus on improving the way banks and credit unions deal with legacy data and images.  Today, ILS has nearly 400 clients that have utilized their data conversion/migration software or services, including their flagship OmniView product suite, which eliminates the need for a traditional data conversion. 

Prior to founding ILS, Kristopher founded System Legacy Solutions in 1998 with the industry’s first data conversion product to migrate data from optical platters used by banks and back office item processors around the country. The company was acquired by Jack Henry and Associates in 2003 where Kris continued on as Managing Director. Under his leadership, the company continued to grow and attained annual revenue and margins growth in the double digits for 8 consecutive years. 

Kristopher earned a degree in computer science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.